Lack of interest [Suggestion] Top threads


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How about an overview page where the top threads get listed, somewhat like reddit or ycombinator. A forum holds so much good quality content, wouldn't it be nice if the "best content" gets promoted somehow by calculating thread views, thread comments and likes within that thread?

Here is a mockup for such a top content page.


Yes, but combining thread views, thread replies and post likes within one great algorithm. :D ^^
What great algorithm did you have in mind?
If all 3 have the same 'weight' then would you not just sum them up?
And if they all had different 'weight' then which would you consider more important?


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I may have the following ratio in mind.

1. likes (of all replies combined) - 40%
2. replies - 35%
3. views - 25%

Not sure if this is the best ratio but likes and replies should be more important than views since some topics get a lot of views from guests but hold not actually good content.