Lack of interest [Suggestion] Thread Status


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Searched and could find a topic about the colouring of the thread status: Closed for posting anywhere and thought I'd throw this suggestion out and suggest re-colouring the box to a red colour so it's a little more distinguishable. To me the blue colour get's lost with the theme and could be over looked. I understand that this can easily be changed but I feel something more prominent should be part of the shipping product.

Another suggestion, I personally feel the png gradient overlay image should be taken out and opt for a single one colour. Thoughts? (Mockup below)



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If you don't mind me adding, but can we add something for anti-bumping. I know this isn't a huge problem, but it is a problem. Just something that says this thread hasn't been posted in X amount of days and maybe a check box to post to make sure they know they are bumping. This is great against bots too.