Lack of interest [Suggestion] Search results show which 'common words' are ignored


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I was searching on xenforo for something and I think I used the word "nobody" or "anybody" in the search terms, and got "no results found".

I assume this is because "nobody" and "anybody" are common words/phrases not allowed in the search? Can there be a message saying something to the effect of "Hey, come up with some better choices for words to search for, and I might play a little nicer.", or at least list the words ignored in the search?

And I assume this would be a small/tweak change, but if not, please move this thread accordingly.


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I tried to search on the word "ignored" also, and didn't come up with any results, so I don't know what's going on with search. Maybe a bug, or is "ignored" considered a common keyword?


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Yes, it's just silent. The only thing we can do is look up against that list (though the list can be changed).


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Yeah, "ignored" is on the ridiculously long stopword list:
Dear Diary,

So I got hired yesterday by MySQL and they told me to optimize Fulltext search. I have no clue how people actually use search, or anything about optimization, but I looked a report of the top words people search for and my astrologer told me that my lucky number is 543, so I've set MySQL to block the top 543 words from being searchable. This was such a genius idea, I should put in for a promotion!!

-Alfred E. Jackass, former employee MySQL/Oracle