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After playing some time with the XenForo I found the same limitation for polls as in most of all other community systems. Is there a chance for some poll option like
  • View result as: descending, ascending, in order as the responses
  • Allowed selection of certain multiple responses (like 3 of 10)
  • Hide poll results until close
This would be nice


I remember Kier posting somewhere he had an idea for the polls, I think it will take shape over time.
I like the suggestions you posted.


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Is there a little chance of getting small reworked polls before final release? There are not so many suggestions for polling in both suggestions, so maybe ... :D


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Well, an up! here

Hide poll results until close are a simple and very useful congif that we find missing in the new XF 1.4 :)
This was the first thing I thought of with the new poll options announced. Having hide until close will allow me to use this for competitions saving me from having to do the custom coding. Please add this to the 1.4 Poll improvements!