Suggestion on Setting up the XenForo Modifications Eco-System


I own a reasonably large VB forum (1M+ posts) with a very active blog and social group community. So, switching is a little time away for me.

I have quite a few modifications running on my site and based on that experience I have a suggestion on the modification eco-system for Xenforo. Instead of going the vbulletin route of anyone releasing a mod, I strongly suggest that Xenforo setup an Apple app-store type system.

The idea is that every modification should be approved by the Xenforo team who will check for full compatibility to the core system. Xenforo will get a cut on the revenues so they will also ensure that the developers offer support etc.

In the vbulletin system, many of mods don't work when vbulletin upgrades their version and hence I had to wait until all my mods are updated to the latest version before I can switch. Secondly, some of the mod authors disappear and it is hard to get any kind of support from them (even if I am willing to pay hefty for it). An appstore type solution solves all those problems.

What are all your thoughts on it?


Sadik B

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I wouldn't agree. It's the "community system" which makes growth exponential. Community mods will be fast and given what we see already, releases will be lightening quick.

I have another suggestion though. We need to modify the addon forum to bring in some of the Mod settings functionality of like version conrolled, no. of installs, send update etc.


Why not both?

An unregulated open mod ecosystem and a premium mod store with a cut for and quality control by XenForo.


That would be perfect. What i find is that many individual developers are excited about building interesting mods that might be helpful. But then staying with it for years together and doing the grunt work of supporting all installations becomes tough without commercial interest. Many large communities (at least mine) don't mind paying for things as long as we know it works and it is supported.