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when not being logged-in, we see the term "(no permission to reply)" or "(no permission to post)" in the very bottom-right corner of the website.

This wording does not sound very friendly and also is a bit cofusing to a new user.
The user would think: why do I have no permission to reply ?
This happened to myself several years ago and got myself thinking why I do have no permissions :cool:

I would suggest you change the wording towards: "Please log-in to reply".

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Perhaps, "Please log in to reply. Not a member?", where "Not a member?" is a link to the registration page.
Or you could go the alternative route and display the Log in or Sign up tab persistently in the top-right corner.
Or you could have the "Not a member" trigger the log in drop-down rather than redirecting to another page :)


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I like the UI and the other social features of Xenforo. I think a forum should be very simple and user friendly also for the very beginner forum-users...i think a guest who is a very-beginner user when see in the footer "you don't have permission to reply" doesn't understand "why", the necessity of registering to reply on a discussion. I have in the past received complaints of users like "why i don't have the permission to reply? is a private forum? i need to play to access to your forum?"...

In the biggest forums you can see a very useful solution than i hope can be officially integrated in the board...i post two examples:
(when you point the mouse in quote, reply etc. do you see a nice tooltip that invites you to register for joining the conversation).

Gaia is the biggest forum an heart, and psicofxp the biggest vb forum. That system has great results, and icreases drammatically the registrations...why don't implement this in Xenforo?

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I think this should be implemented, before 1.0.
One of the best ways to encourage Registrations is when Guests want to Reply to something they read .... they are prompted to sign up !
Get them to register while they have a motivation.

I think this: (no permission to reply) could result in less registrations.