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Hello there,

Just had someone suggest this at a new install of xenforo, they would like to see a Next and Previous link at the bottom of a thread.

I'm wondering if there is going to be next thread/previous thread buttons in the threads (or if I am managing to miss them :) ). I just find it a little clunky to have to keep clicking on the section headings to get to the next thread?


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Thanks Brogan,

It's not a feature I have ever personally used on any site, rarely do I want to read all threads in a forum... but someone asked, so I had to pass it along.


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but someone asked, so I had to pass it along.
Absolutely, all suggestions are equally as valid.
I have this on my current site and in 3 years I don't think I've ever clicked on either link.

Everyone uses forums in different ways though so horses for courses.

Robert F Schmitz

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My staff will use this feature as they move through a forum that they moderate. I personally haven't used it much but now that I do not have it at all, it tends to be that little stone in the shoe thing. Others use it when reviewing a large number of new posts that they want to read. They start with post 1 and just move on through without having to return to the index. If this can be implemented at some time, it would be nice to have back (not that it was here before but you know what I mean).