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Total Newbie question here, if I may.

The owner of a forum I moderate has just swapped over to xenForo.

One of the first things I noticed was the lack of "Next topic" and "Previous topic" buttons at the bottom of forum threads. I really miss them.

When I asked about it, he said it wasn't an option in xenForo (and that he'd never used them before anyway!).

Is that right?
Is there an add-on that could add them?


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I'm not aware of an add-on which does that.

If you want to request one you will need to get the licence holder to add you so you can post in the customer forums, or get them to do it.


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Thanks, I'll have a go, but I think he's a bit 'fragile' at the moment after the move!

All the customers think the new board software is great though!


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Wow that's a good question. I almost forgot about that feature from vbulletin.


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I removed this feature from my vBulletin templates a few years ago (I never used them), and was then quite surprised to see how many users complained about their absence.


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Not surprised it wasn't included in the original XF. It adds an extra query, and you have to find the next and previous thread *that the user has permission to view*.


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Thanks! You couldn't ask about an add-on for it in the customer forum for me could you? (y)

Hmmm, never had any problem using it on vbulletin or other board software.
Only one coder has ever answered my request from that subforum and it was half a year later. This isn't like where if you make a request, one guy charges you 700 bucks and another hits you up charging you 20 bucks and someone else asks you how much you got and so on. On you really have to actively search out coders and private message them yourself.