Duplicate [SUGGESTION] Moderator Tool: "Talking in Moderator Capacity"

I would be interested in seeing a "Talking in Moderator Capacity" toggle for Moderators replies when they reply/create a thread/post when they're acting as a Moderator (and not talking as a regular user on the forum). I've added an example to bring up my point much faster.

Here's an example of the toggle (forum software is not XenForo, but Vanilla):
Mod Edit Toggle1.png

And this is how the reply will look like when you tick it:
Mod Edit Toggle2.png

As you can see, the comment has been colored purple (which on this forum is the Moderator reply color). You would otherwise just see a simple, (black) gradient reply.

Extra ideas:
- Revoke permission to edit the comment after it's been moderated.
- Allow us to change the color of the Moderator reply (the purple reply background in the example) in the ACP.
- Allow people to find Moderator Replies in the Thread Tool menu (or somewhere similar).

Edit: For those who think: "Why would I need this?". Well, it's very useful if you want to stop people from going off topic or simply try to troll a thread by leaving a Moderator Reply. It's also a lot easier to find posts by Moderators when you scroll through the thread.
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This is actually a really good idea. I was looking at going with Vanilla forums because of this site (nice to see another Citizen on here). As you are probably aware there is a background and color for Admins and a background and color for Mods and that definitely helps their posts stand apart in longer threads.

I think site platforms like Vanilla, SMF, XenForo, vBulletin blah blah blah, all need a native tool like this that would allow moderators (and admins) to differentiate their posts from what is personal opinion and what is business/moderation.

I would throw this in the "Request for Plugin Development" area as I am sure there are a ton of talented people here that could whip something like that up relatively quickly.
Thanks Jeremy, that is a good bandaid solution however a more robust plug-in / add-on (or even native implementation) for us CSS dummies would work best :)
@Liam W: your add-on is a simplistic version of the one I would like to see.
Are you interested in developing it? I'm more than happy to pay for it as I've said in the add-on request thread. You are also more than welcome to sell it afterwards to other, as more people are interested.