Lack of interest [Suggestion] Global Poll


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It will be nice if there will be an option to make a Poll global so it will show in every page some where at the top.

Or at least has an announcement for the poll, something like 'there is a poll needs your vote..' or something...


At the risk of annoying you, i think these things are actually best suited to be coded as a modification Ahmed. Its not a very hard thing to do and i don't know how many people actually need this support in the core.

What could be thought of is something like this as say a forum sidebar widget.


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I think it's better to have such features in the product by default rather than have them through add-ons. :)


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I like that idea, and can see it being used by Admins, alot, for feedback. Nice way to expand on a suggestion. :)


I like this idea, there are enough times where we want to query the users from a particular site/forum with a notice, but we'd have to redirect them to the thread. And the others don't see the result in the notice. Having a global poll system (not tied to a thread, but a notice) would be quite nice.