Suggestion: freeze logo above navbar


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It's nice to see the top nav menu options freeze at the top of the screen when the user scrolls down the forums.

However, it could be nicer if any logo also freezes in place above the top nav, as this will keep a visual cue to the site visitor of which actual site they are visiting. This is especially important for those members who do not have internationally recognised brands, but would like to develop one. :)

Chris D

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The logo does show in the sticky nav.


I think the only exception might be if the device has a very narrow viewport but then it is only hidden out of necessity.

Can you confirm if I’ve understood correctly and that perhaps you’ve based the suggestion on a smallish device?


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Yeah this would be nice. I'd actually prefer if an optional smaller logo could be shown to the left of the sticky navigation.

On my site I have a square emblem followed by the site name as styled text - together they form my logo. So it would be cool if I could specify a smaller logo, which in my case would just be my emblem without the site name.

Something like this (short logo inspired by the favicon)
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Personally it would be one of the first things I would remove for 2 reasons:
1. Real estate on the nav bar is at a premium for many people, there already isn't enough space on their to create a good comprehensive site
2. Just above the navbar on your desktop browser is the web address and above that is the browser tab so anyone can see there what site you are on

Brad Padgett

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I agree with this suggestion. The logo only takes up a small amount of space the majority of the time but it is more professional in my opinion not to have to rely on custom styles to get the job done. I think it should be a configurable option actually. Where you could select an option for the logo to be in the sticky nav but it wouldn't be required for those that did not want it. Just my thoughts.