[Suggestion] Enhanced Punishment system


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There are Mods/Addons out there that allow for such of a system, but I wish that it was coded into the core system to add to functionality.
Some improvements (but not necessarily under the same name as these) that I was thinking about were:
  • Popup/alert screen (or more like the Information screen that you get) that informs you that you've received a warning and you must read it before continuing (in other words, it takes you to the warning message).
  • X amount of warnings leads to a general/generic Infraction/Notation (setup by a default value).
  • X amount of warnings leads to reduction of trophy points.
  • X amount of infractions leads to permissions revoked (such as seeing certain boards, temp rank change, use of Avatars, use of signatures, etc) with checkboxes to allow the admins to change it as needed.
  • X amount of infractions removes all trophy/like points.
  • X amounts of infractions lead to automatic ban.
  • Option to change if the infraction "expires" (either it expires or it stays active forever).
Look and feel:

  • Older Infractions and warnings shown in a different tab (set by expiration), to the effects of "Punishment History" that can always be viewed unless removed by an admin.
  • All bans recorded per user in the "Punishment History", with times of when the banishment start, and whether it expired or lifted by someone.
I had more when I first thought of this months ago, but I really can't recall the other features I wanted to see, these are the big ones though.​
Just a note, that all the options are optional to turn off and on as suited by the administrator(s).​
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I agree that this is necessary. There is a reason why the big forum apps out there have such a system. It is necessary to enforce the community's rules and policies.


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I agree that this system is needed but your implementation is in my views faulty.
For instance, I might want to infract someone directly without giving a warning. I'm not sure how you thought about the system for that.

I do think it's good though that X amount of warning automatically leads to an infraction, I just think that you should be able to infract directly.
I also disagree with reduction of trophy points for a warning. Warnings shouldn't really remove anything - it's just a warning. Infractions however should have the option to revoke permissions during the period of the infraction.

Also, X amounts of infractions leads to automatic ban.


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This was intended to be an additional items to be included that most forums use (manual Warnings, Infractions and Banishment).
I'll add the "X amounts of infractions lead to automatic ban" though.


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Very much agreed, I think this was suggested in the past (I can't seem to find the thread at the moment), but I still believe it's really necessary. As it stands, there's no way to keep a history of poor behavior for a member. Especially on large forums with lots of individuals dealing with one person, it can get out of hand without a system such as this. When the Warning/Infraction system was introduced in the other software, it was a Godsend!