Lack of interest [Suggestion] enable a 'logging' mode for potential spam users....


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Ok, I'm sure you're thinking why the hell would you want to do that?

Well, I'm currently looking at one particular user on our forum who looks a bit suspicious. She's posting, but not spamming (yet), but her posts are short and very often sound slightly odd. - i.e. as if its being posted by some sort of smart-ish bot.

As the us vs spammers war continues, they are going to start to get smarter in the way the post spam. They'll learn to make a few normal posts before spamming the forum so they get through any moderation filter that may be in place and perhaps make enough posts to send PMs (if such a limit is in place) - but of course to do that they need to be semi intelligent.

What would be useful is to be able to turn on some sort of logging for a particular user (or even a particular user group, so that you could add that user to the group).

The could then log things like login time, IP - country (if available, i.e. GeoIP etc..), browser agent - basically any info that would be useful in deciding if it looks like a human or a bot.

May be its a bit OTT, but right now with this particular user I need more info about her to indicate whether she's suspicious or not, having some sort of log for her actions may be helpful in this.

Or maybe I'm a bit mad, who knows - I thought I'd put it out there and see if anyone else is mad like me! lol ;)


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User groups exist in Xenforo right ?

Right now I have been using the 'user note' module within the vB user profile available to admins, that seems to be a decent way of keeping track, but maybe a flag or some sort of icon ID system would be better with a search function for those flagged users.