(Suggestion) Convert vb4 Style to xenforo

Can the developers in xenforo can make any addons or script or video Thats can convert styles of vbulletin 4 thats will help all peoples to convert to xenforo and thats will be good and great addons for xenforo

Xenforo have lack of style either we have more and more styles in vb4

Please take this post in important and make all advance methods to make thats easily to convert

Thats will make Xenforo The best in the world


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XenForo is a brand new product, hence the current lack of styles, although we do have some really nice styles here.

Once the stable version is released, I'm postive that you'll see alot more styles released.


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It might be possible to take a general colour scheme from another system and build a colour scheme for XenForo with it, but there is no way to convert templates from vBulletin or IPB to XenForo, they are wildly different in all sorts of ways that would make such an automated conversion completely impossible.