Lack of interest [Suggestion] - Convert +1 to Like


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Despite having the post thanks button on my site, I'm forever deleting "+1" posts from users. It'd be great if there was a way to click a post that contains a +1 and have the forum both delete the post and add a like from that user to the liked post.


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So you mean if you quote a post and add +1?
I kinda like this idea.. my users are forever doing [2], [3], [4] etc. and it drives me crazy!

Only problem is, what if you run a maths forum :cool:

On the other hand you could just encourage the use of Like on your boards... or use a plugin to detect if +1 is in the post.


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Maybe you can just do a replacement variable for posts with just "+1" in them... replace "+1" with "[I like this post, but I'd rather perform 3 keystrokes to say I like it rather than just click the handy little 'Like' button]"


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LOL yeah I like the idea, it is annoying as heck when someone does the +1 thing


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How would the software know which post the '+1' is for (it's not always going to be the first post in the thread)? :)

The replacement variable sounds like a better solution to me if you just want your members to stop posting '+1'. :)


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I meant manually as an admin option, if you see the +1 you could use the inline mod to convert it, and part of the process would be to specify the post they like. This way it would work for
Great idea


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Why not just use the swear filter?

For things like "+1", "This", "Yeah", etc. you could replace it with something like:
"I'm padding my post count so I can earn the next trophy quicker".


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Because the swear filter will change all occurances of a word.

So, "This is a good idea" -> "I'm padding my post count so I can earn the next trophy quicker is a good idea" doesn't really work

Andy Huang

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+... oh, wait.
Not the best idea to be honest, as it is impossible to capture user's intent (though, most of the time, it will be what we want). It might be best to keep something like this as an add-on, where the admin can choose to add it into their forums at their own discretion.