Implemented [Suggestion] Control of Excessive Quoting

This is perhaps a particular bugbear of mine, but I find the quoting of long posts just to make a one line comment somewhat irritating. Like this for example, though no criticism of said poster intended.

Would it be useful to truncate quotes (or have the option to do so in the Admin CP) at a certain point when they're copied into the editor? Say include the first and last sentence - that and the arrow link are enough that people can figure out which post it is and if they've been following the discussion they probably know anyway. Personally, I much prefer to see 'I think John's right', or 'I like John's idea of . . . '

Or a 'see full post' link / button which will asynchronously load in the full quote to the quote box.

Then if people actually feel a genuine need to paste in the entire quote, or replace the truncated version with actual specific points they want to respond to, they still can.


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It's a big peeve of mine, too. And since quoting someone on here gives them an alert, I could see where people (in other forums - not here) would go even more quote-mad -- without editing down the quote. Plus just speaking for myself, it would be nice to be able to let someone know I'm responding to their particular post without having to go to the trouble of editing it down.


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Auto truncate long quoted post?

Of all the posts on all the forums that you have seen, what % of the time has this been an issue when viewing things of interest to you (as opposed to a random forum on the internet somewhere)?
I'm not sure what percentage of the time it's an issue, but it seems I'm not the only one it bugs. I removed automatic quoting from the reply buttons on my forums, and while it's not to everyone's liking there was a lot of support for it. Sure, you could have something in your forum rules about it, but then you've got to police it.

I'm not sure of the best way to implement something like this - cut down the quote as it's put into the editor, but then allow long quotes - they may be justified sometimes, after all. Or cut it down when outputting the post on thread view and allow expansion. I'd leave that to the interface design folk, it just seems to me there might be a better way of doing things.