Lack of interest [Suggestion] Appealing Infractions

I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the bigger features section, but here it is. We currently use vB but are going to be transitioning to XF whenever Kier decides it is appropriate, so my suggestion here is from a vB perspective.

The infraction system as it exists in vB is excellent, however an idea occurs to me on how it can be improved. I am referring to implementing a formal process for appealing an infraction and/or ban.

A link can be created in the infraction itself on the members' profile called "Appeal" or something along those lines. If a member clicks on it, they get a PM type box where they can plead their case which when submitted is sent to the staff member who gave the infraction. The staff member then replies through the same system creating a threaded discussion attached to the infraction.

At any point the member can close their appeal if they are satisfied that things have been resolved. All appeals can be viewed by SMods and Admins as well as the staff member and the regular member involved. Preferably, the SMods/Admins would have a new tab in their CP that lets them view all open appeals at a glance. They would also be able to override an appeal and close it if they feel it has been resolved and the member has not closed it.

I think this system will be a lot more organized for tracking discussions of infractions as currently (at least for our forum) we have these discussions over PMs and that can make it difficult for the "higher ups" in the staff tree to decipher what has gone on.