[Sugar Coding Ltd] Usergroup Display Preferences

[Sugar Coding Ltd] Usergroup Display Preferences 1.0.2

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[Sugar Coding Ltd] Usergroup Display Preferences - Allows users to choose between the different usergroup display stylings they're eligible for.

Usergroup Display Preferences enables users to choose which usergroup is used for display styling in posts, profiles and private messages (and anywhere usergroup display styling is used), when a member belongs to two or more primary and secondary usergroups.

Updating user preferences

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In this case, the user is a primary usergroup member for the "Registered" usergroup, and a secondary member for the "Moderating", "Administrative", "Test Secondary...

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Super addons since the time I was looking for something like this (y)

Ps: The user banner does not change :(
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Almost perfect if not for the banner stacking issue.
Ideally a member has just 1 banner shown, and they can choose (using this addon) which banner to show if they are in multiple groups.
Decided to hold off on updating this for now (beyond keeping it functional in its current form), what with XF2 around the corner.
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