subscriptions and using vimeo and xenforo

Hi all I had recently thought of buying vbulletin 5 but had changed my mind due to the bad reviews..

I'm looking to set up 2 types of subscriptions, both subscription are courses that will contain my videos already uploaded to vimeo so the question is..

Can I set up 2 monthly subscriptions types, 1 of £16pm the 2nd of £18pm that customers can automatically set up without my aid and automatically keep paying for their subscription until they cancel it and some how integrate my videos on vimeo to xenforo.. such as link my vimeo videos to different topics in different membership areas on the forum?

Thank you

Tracy Perry

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You should be able to. All you would do is set the node to have permissions only for those upgrade accounts and revoke the read ability for any other group that should not be there.

I don't remember if Vimeo is a built in BBcode for the media or not, but there are resources available that will allow you to add it.
Thank you yes will be buying tomorrow I can use vimeo :) just tried to embed a video to see if it gave the option and vimeo is on the list.

Thank you for the fast reply :) it took me 8 days to get one on vbulletin :p haha thank you you really made the sale ;)