Switching from vBulletin - Paid Subscriptions and Forum Apps

Hi all,

I've been using vBulletin on my forum since 2001 (currently on Version 4.2.2) and have over a million posts. I've got a few questions:

1) Does Xenforo have their own 'paid subscriptions' function and would it be able to import vBulletin's into this?

2) We've not really used many plugins and do not allow attachments, would anyone expect any issues migrating with 1 million plus posts? (I understand that's a vague question, just looking for some reassurance from similar moves)

3) Do you have your own forum apps like vBulletin? If not, do you have any plans to create them?

Our forum apps have been downloaded by thousands and are regularly used by many members (including myself) so it's important for us to continue with this.



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User upgrades are imported, but the recurring subscriptions need to be reset up once on XenForo. You should be fine migrating, hundreds of customers have done it without issue.

There are no native applications provided by XenForo and future roadmaps are not released.


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Recurring subs have proved to be a nightmare. Once across every one needs to manually downgraded and then a new sub manually added so that it will expire at the correct time, OK if you have a only a few. Don't move till the 1.4 release, as this adds some flexibility and features to the upgrades function that are missing in 1.3 and this will help. You won't regret the move though. You'll have plenty to do for a while, but its well worth it (y)