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Subscription Changing


Active member

So I am using the subscription feature that comes with xF and I am wondering if there is a possibility where users can change subscriptions if they purchase more than one. We use colored usernames as a part of the benefit of buying a subscription, and sometimes people want to buy another one but it doesn't override the current one nor does it allow you to change subscription.

If there is an addon for this, can someone link me?

Thanks! :)
Then they're wasting their money. I just don't understand why there's no way you can switch usergroups on your own.
I use the subscription feature and it works very well for us. I have to say that nobody has yet wanted to cancel one level and go to another level but if and when some want to I expect to advise them to cancel the level they are on and then start the level they want to be part of. They won't be wasting their money on our system as one subscription will stop and another will start....so they will always just be paying the correct monthly sub for the level they are choosing to be on. I expect it all to be done by them and for them to switch user groups on their own that way.

Our subscribers get different banners and colours and user groups and so on depending on what level sub they choose....plus other benefits.

I just wanted to say what we do in case it helped.

We did the same when we moved from VB to Xen, we told the members to all cancel their old monthly subs and then choose their new ones on the new system and start them off afresh there. Worked out perfectly for us.

I hope the thoughts are of some help and if not please just ignore them.