Fixed Submitrow clipping issues

Affected version
2.0.0 Beta 6

Lukas W.

Formerly katsulynx
It appears to me, that submit rows are clipping too early in some places. For example at the account/account-details/ page, that leaves a small empty bar at the bottom of the form. (Note: the black bar is the window beyond my browser, ignore that).

Also, if you resize the page, it sometimes won't clip back to the very bottom of the page. The following screenshot is taken from the account/privacy page.

Note: System is the same as here.


XenForo developer
Staff member
This should be fixed now (though not rolled out here yet). The issue was that when we recalculated the sticky submit row settings, we didn't fully reset the state which meant that it could temporarily trigger a horizontal scrollbar which affected our window height calculation.