XF 2.2 Subdomains for specific boards (and their subboards)?


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First of all, is this allowable on a single license? If so:

I want to do mc.mesozoichaven.com for the Minecraft discussions, and an ark.mesozoichaven.com for ARK Survival stuff, where those subdomains would only show that board and redirect to the main domain if they go out of that board? How would this be achieved?

Threads would show up something like ark.mesozoichaven.com/threads/threadnamehere


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6. Can multiple domains or subdomains be used with a single license?
Yes, as long as the domains or subdomains all resolve to the same installation, all of the content is available at every domain or subdomain, and there is no attempt to make them appear as separate installations.



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alright, but how do I set up the DNS for this? I have full access to the DNS through my coowners VPS.