Subdomain / Redirect question

I would like my Gallery to be accessible at because my old gallery on vB was at that subdomain and there are still incoming links pointed there.

My gallery is now at since I have a route filter changing /xengallery to /gallery

So what I need is for to go to
the problem is with everything I've tried, just goes to

To set up the subdomain, I went into cPanel > Subdomains and set it up with redirection to
Still that goes to the forums index.
I have also tried setting the redirection to these with the same result:

They all still go right to NOT the gallery.
I have waited for propagation and purged my cache.

How can I set this up?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This isn't something I have a direct answer for, unfortunately. It's likely what you're trying to do simply won't work. It's quite an advanced configuration, and not one that usually lends itself to providing much benefit, overall.
I figured out a way to do this with rewrites in htaccess and fixing a misconfiguration with the subdomain.
I wasn't trying to set up something new, only trying to direct traffic coming into the old subdomain to the current gallery location.