Sub forum Level 2 columns

Sub forum Level 2 columns


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No solution, Since I'm working on other things at this time.

It was a snippet of code that needed further work done that somebody requested before I had the chance to complete it. Since it was still unfinished code, it came with a "use as is" which means I won't be providing support for the snippet of code which I removed and will post again when I revisit it and post it as a separate resource.

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Is there any way I can use prefix IDs instead of subforum IDs? I would like to display prefixes instead of subforums so users can click on a prefix and get only those threads from forum homepage


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I was just playing a bit with this code. It's nice and useful. I'm using it only for a few subforums. Also noticed it's not showing right on mobile, so I add this code:

<xen:if is="@enableResponsive">
@media (max-width:@maxResponsiveWideWidth)
   .nodeList .node.level_2.node_239, .nodeList .node.level_2.node_131,
   .nodeList .node.level_2.node_121, .nodeList .node.level_2.node_74 {
      width: 100%;
Now subforums shows in one column on mobile. Well, I'm ok with that and maybe someone found it useful too.

Also this should be added to hide RSS icon:
.nodeList .node.level_2.node_239 .nodeControls, .nodeList .node.level_2.node_131 .nodeControls,
.nodeList .node.level_2.node_121 .nodeControls, .nodeList .node.level_2.node_74 .nodeControls
{display: none;}
Thank you Shelley for this resource.
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very helpful @Shelley - but isn`t there a way to applay the CSS modifications in general to the node.level_2 o_O
I have many Subforums, and I want all to be in the collumn view.
Calling 100 nodes in Extra by name is :cry: