XF 2.2 Sub directory installation


I'm just making a blank install of xenforo to test importing, and I'm setting it up so I can backup the empty db as suggested in this thread.

This installation is in the /forums/ directory of my domain, so I entered https://my-domain-here.com/forums/ when asked for the Board URL. Everything was going fine but at the end of the installation it tells me:
The primary URL to your board should not include a trailing "/", a query string, hash fragment or a filename such as "index.php". The suggested URL is <b>://cmd.php</b>

Fair enough but that suggested URL makes no sense to me, I'm guessing it ought to be https://my-domain-here.com/forums but I can't see how to change it. When I visit the site, even logged in as the Admin user I just created, I get the message The site is currently being upgraded. Please check back later..

How do I get out of this? And what's the correct answer to put in as the board URL?

Right, it looks like https://my-domain-here.com/forums is the right way to specify a sub directory URL. And the way to escape out of an aborted installation and restart is to remove the internal_data/install-lock.php file and run the installation again with a --clear flag on the end to clear the db tables it had already created out.
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