Styling re; header height


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I read somewhere around here about a gap showing up in the header block if you make it too high. I have set mine to 90px high so that I can put a standard leaderboard in that area and no matter what I do I have a gap between the bottom of the leaderboard and the top of the tab container. Looks like it's about 5px or so....

can someone please tell me how to get rid of it? I've looked and tried everything in the ACP....


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It's not the logo because you can remove it and the gap is still there. If you shorten the height, it seems to just push more of the banner up under the login bar (or something like that) cause the gap will still show even if you make the header less than 90 (that's a standard 90px high leaderboard).

The only other thing I can think it might be is that the adpeeps code adds a p align center tag when the page is made that is never there in the base html. I have a ticket in with them to see about changing that. I didn't matter before with the way my layout was but it matters now due to the way I'm changing things over. Not sure if that's it, though.


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Yes, it's to do with the advert code, it's adding 3px to the bottom of the image.

Try adding margin-bottom: -3px to your float div.

<div style="float: right; margin-bottom: -3px;">
<script src=";uid=100000&amp;bmode=off&amp;gpos=center&amp;bzone=leaderboard&amp;bsize=all&amp;btype=3&amp;bpos=default&amp;btotal=1&amp;btarget=_blank&amp;bborder=0" type="text/javascript">
</script><p align="center"><a target="_blank" href=";uid=100000&amp;cid=1007&amp;aid=6&amp;bzone=leaderboard&amp;btype=3"><img width="728" height="90" border="0" src=""></a></p>