Styling questions

Hi, I've figured out my hosting + domain name. The only thing really stopping me from buying xenforo now is the styling. I really am not liking any of the premade themes i've seen so far. I wanted to ask you guys some questions. Please answer as many as you can. This forum means the world to me and I want to be successful and everything.

- I've made ipb 1.3 and zetaboards skins myself in HTML & CSS, would the amount of coding be similar to those forums? Or is the coding much more complex/long?

- Do you know anyone who codes complete custom themes? How much do the prices range? Where can I contact them?

- Do you know anyone who codes premade designs (we're a design community, so we can easily design our own theme. But we have a major absence of coders). Where could I contact them?

- How modifyable are the premade themes? What can you customize? How simple is customization?
Thank you SO much Tracy. I really appreciate you. Do either offer custom work?

You think coding is easier than IPB? I could probably learn to do it myself then.

Tracy Perry

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Yes, both will accept custom work... up to and including bespoke add-ons for your site - they both have some code dev's working with them.

And yes, it's much easier. My motorcycle site is based upon UI.X from Audentio (I need to do some more work with it as I accidentally reverted templates and haven't put some edits back) and my Linux site is using Drift from Audentio (suffering same reversion issue - was tired when I upgraded the styles).

In comparison, my recumbent bike site is based upon the default style - modified - for that script, and was a bear to work with (mainly because I was learning it).