XF 1.5 Styling New Posts in sidebar.

I'm trying to change the colours for the post title & info in the new posts panel.
I've had a look at Style Properties: Sidebar but can't see anything obvious in there to change things.

I've inspected the element & it looks like the colour for the post title is taken from .secondaryContent
But when I've changed that it's changed the colours elsewhere as well, which I don't want.

The post details are from body .muted, again when I change that it also changes in places I don't altered.

I've tried adding .sidebar .secondaryContent to extra.css but that doesn't change the new post sidebar.

I'm sure it must be something obvious but I'm missing it at the moment.
Thanks @Brogan
Getting closer now.

.threadListItem .additionalRow{
color: #ffffff;
and that changes the Latest: Username Timestamp part of the block.

I'm still struggling to change the post title though.
I'm a little late to the discussion, but I found that you can change the title colour of the title in the New Posts section by using this code

.messageContent a{
color: #ffffff;


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That will affect all other elements which use that class.

You should use higher specificity if you just want to target content in that block.