XF 1.0 Style Inheritance and Reverting Properties

A question came up following my previous video 'Playing with Color' about what happens when you use the Revert controls for the color palette.

This video aims to explain what they do, and why - with a little detour around Style Inheritance.

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If you edit XenForo's default style then revert it, I believe it will revert to the XenForo's default style (if I understand the revert process right).
This has probably been answered but I can't seem to find it.

If one edits the default colour scheme, is it still possible to revert to the XenForo defaults as they are on this forum?
Are those colours saved in a table somewhere as the default palette?

Or will editing the default style override the out-of-the-box colours (and other settings for that matter)?

I believe Kier said there is a master style in the background. The default is just a copy of it, so you can always revert the default back to the master templates/ settings.

That's correct. It is always possible to revert back to the default templates, style properties and phrases.

(unless you have been working in developer mode and have altered the defaults).
Wonderful! Saves me buying Screenflow ;)
Bear in mind that files coming out of Quicktime X's Screen Recording system are incredibly difficult to edit - to the point that I don't edit them at all, so everything has to be done in a single take. Which results in me doing dozens of takes before I end up with a 'Have You Seen' masterpiece.

(masterpiece? erm, okay...)
Call Spielberg, we have the next new star.

Seriously, I want to say thanks for your putting these gems out. It's good to see real world examples of what can be done.

In think about this some more, it makes me realize how important this kind of communication is. It demonstrates a desire to connect with your customer base, to point how what the product does, as well as providing a forum (ha, ha!) for potential improvements to be discussed.

Great job, guys. You continue to demonstrate that XF is going to continue to be a hit.
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