XF 1.5 Style import question

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Hello everyone,

I am just wondering, our XenForo version is 1.5.8; In this thread https://xenforo.com/community/resources/gamerpro-universal-1-3.5471/ it says that style is compatible with 1.5 version. We have tried to import xml file and got this error - Screenshot_1.png ; Does it mean that this style is not compatible with our version of XenForo? What we can do then? We have tried to upgrade our version of XenForo but it says that no upgrades are available. What would be your suggestions/fixes?

Thank you,

Mr Lucky

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I think you'd need to ask in the relevant discussion for that style.

The latest xenforo version is 1.5.13, so unless your licence has expired you should be able to upgrade to that from 1.5.8
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