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Just wondered if anyone has a moment to help with a bit of styling help. In line with updating the website and getting ready to expand, we are aiming to have a unified design across the site.

The problem I am having is getting the header and nav to work well.

The aim is to get it looking "similar" to the top of

Having just reverted my progress back, after c*cking it up royally my current nav is back to default (both sites have had public access granted for a few hours)

Would someone be willing to look at giving this a shot for me? I could arange a few bucks or access to the xentrader pro version for free once it is ready if realy needed.




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Look in the "Page Container". Ctrl-F (find) for <div id="headerMover"> Around that is what you are looking to edit up.

If you are having trouble after a day or two I'll do it for ya. Don't spend anything.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on Analytics.

I bet it's going to help huge switching from VB to Xenforo when your urls looked like this: /vb/forum.php?s=611099eddb590deab83d17858ef4f7d1

Best thing about Xenforo, is you don't need vbseo~~~~~~~~~~~~~