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XF 1.5 Style chooser for guests on home, but not on child nodes

Hey there. I tried to search for an answer to this but didn't see anything specifically about this.

I have set a default style for guests in admin (I have 2 styles set as selectable, "light" and "dark", "light" is default).

When I check the site as a guest, I see the style chooser in the lower left of home. Both styles are there to choose from. If I select the "dark" one, the style changes, which I would be fine with... But, once I go to a child node, it defaults back to the "light" style and the style chooser disappears.

Have I overlooked something somewhere?
Ah thank you. I knew of that, but didn't expect it to be set to "checked" for that particular node. Thanks!

EDIT: I am converting an imported VB forum, and it must have been set like that on there, so not that makes more sense, thanks again :)