Structured Gallery

We are preparing to import one of our vBulletin sites to Xenforo. This site includes a photopost based gallery. This gallery contains thousands of images that have been organized to allow member to drill down into albums to find the reference photo they need for their project.

You can see the current gallery here:

I have looked but at Media Gallery and Sonnb's Gallery and maybe I am just misunderstanding how new galleries work, but neither seem to have any real structure like photopost that can be easily organized and drilled down into for research purposes.

Am I just missing something or is there not a Xenforo Gallery that has a folder-tree type structure that can be easily organized?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I don't particularly see anything different in your PhotoPost gallery there that can't be achieved with XenForo Media Gallery.

It would certainly be displayed differently in XFMG, but the category concept is mostly the same.

For your purposes you would probably look at disabling the ability to create user albums (this can be done with permissions) and instead use the Admin CP to create your category structure.
@Chris D that is great to know, but can you explain a bit more, please? If recreated my current folder structure using Categories in XFMG, how could I display them in a way that members could easily navigate through them as they currently do in photopost? From what I see in XFMG and even in @sonnb 's XenGallery, the resources are set up more for random entertainment than for drilling down to search for a specific item in a specific folder. Again, maybe I am just missing something, but with all the ways to sort and view, there doesn't seem to be a straight-forward and basic folder tree that can be drilled into.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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The categories appear in the sidebar, and they can be collapsed and expanded to drill down into them.

I recommend spending time with the demo if you haven't already.