Implemented Stripe: Android/Google Payments

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Starting with XF 2.1.2 we've made some fairly significant changes to our Stripe implementation.

We have removed our existing Apple Pay implementation and migrated over to Stripe's Payment Request Button implementation:

The Payment Request Button still provides Apple Pay functionality, but also brings with it Google Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay (yes, that's a thing!) and will also automatically support any browser vendor in future who wishes to support the Payment Request API specification.


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That's really nice. Thanks! I'm hoping to also see online banking methods implemented as that is the #1 method of payment in a lot of countries. IM especially hoping for it now that the Stripe Full addon is unsupported and the XF Stripe implementation is changing in 2.1.2

Chris D

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No immediate plans.

Other payment options may be popular, but I think it's fair to say debit and credit cards are more globally popular, so payments via other methods are globally much more niche. Not saying never, just certainly not a priority.


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Its a little difficult to see the popularity of online banking, because the terminology is conflated. Online banking methods often are tied to (debit) cards or simply the app for your debit card. It often includes functions for e-checks/invoicing. So in statistics these payment methods are often listed as debit cards, direct debit, e-checks, invoicing or e-banking.

Take ACH for example which is the third most popular payment method in the US. Consider that in the US credit cards are very popular compared to other countries. The UK is the odd duck here as FasterPayments/BACS is not that popular compared to many European countries where online banking is highly popular. BACS is not instant so this is understandable.

Credit Card payments only make up 20% of online payments in the EU and its likely to drop to 14% by 2022.
Debit card payments also 20% of online payments and includes popular online banking methods.
Online bank transfer is set to grow from 16% to 20% by 2022.
Charge & deferred debit card is at 10%. This includes online banking methods.
e-invoices are set to grow from 3% to 7% by 2022. These are mainly online banking methods.

Some reasons why online banking will grow is the PSD2 EU directive which will enforce banks to become open platforms where third parties can hook into. More information can be found in the 2018 WorldPay Global Payments report.

I can understand how these payment methods may seem a niche, but this is hardly the case. On the contrary: This type of payment methods is set to become leading in the EU and is growing fast in the US.

I hope this gives it some new perspective. Hopefully for future consideration.


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but I think it's fair to say debit and credit cards are more globally popular
I really think there is a misconception here. These are debit cards. But with a compassing system that allows all debit card holders of one of more countries to use their debit card to pay through a SEPA system.

Please check these stats for stripe payments in Germany:
SEPA Direct Debit 23%
Sofort (for debit card accounts) 13%
GiroPay (for debit card accounts) 10%
Total = 56%

More facts from Stripe about SEPA payment methods popularity
Bancontact/Mister Cash, is a leading payment method in Belgium, where it is used in up to a third of online transactions.
All major Dutch banks are members of Currence, the scheme that operates iDEAL, making it the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands with a share of online payments close to 55%.