Lack of interest Strip tags option for content of Feeder Application in admin.


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It would be great to have an option to strip all html and specify a tag whitelist on a per RSS feed basis for the Feeder application. Some of the feeds we want to pull in don't do the best formatting job sometimes and it would be nice to be able to normalize them a bit automatically. :)


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yeah I do this with a bit of sed and cron:

# create Cleaner versions (strip the stupid img tags out)
sed 's/&lt;img.*gt;/\./g' < $HOSTPATH/Steam-US.xml > $HOSTPATH/US1.XML
sed 's/&lt;img.*gt;/\./g' < $HOSTPATH/Steam-UK.xml > $HOSTPATH/UK1.XML
sed 's/&lt;img.*gt;/\./g' < $HOSTPATH/Steam-AU.xml > $HOSTPATH/AU1.XML
feedburner is terrible at creating content that is rubbish