Lack of interest Streamlining Resource Discussion


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I would like for the discussion on resources to be more streamlined. Currently my website has seen a major decrease in activity and comments due to the discussion of resources being out of the way and behind a tab instead of clearly displayed.

I am sure this site suffers from the same problem; the redundancy in resources being cross posted into a forum section is hurting discoverabilty and spreading the userbase across too many sections. This is an observation I have made from lurking.

A solution to this would be to allow reviews independent of ratings. Basically at this point reviews would simply function as a comment system that displays below the resource overview. With pagnation this would be a much more efficient way to display the discussion. The added benefit is that when the author comments it is clearly displayed which makes it easier to understand whats going on from a visitor's point of view.

Having reviews independent from ratings alone wont make it work as a comment system, it will also have to allow for more than one review per version to make it truly function as comments.

I believe that this functionality would greatly increase productivity and activity not only on my site but any site that uses the resource manager.