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Xenforo 2.0.7
When the site map is rebuilt according to the schedule, there is a periodic error (I do not know what to call it) an error? When the forum can not create it, temporary files are created, in the directory /internal_data/sitemaps/ Why does this happen, what needs to be corrected? Is it a signal of a lack of server memory?

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They aren’t temporary files. They are where the raw files are stored.

What’s the error that you’re experiencing?
No, there are no errors, just a few temporary files grew and grew, I deleted them, but periodically the system creates them again. So I think, is not this a mistake? I still have 2 forums, there's no such thing, there you just create a file and it's one.
Sorry, I periodically delete them, that would not occupy a place, so I can not provide you with such data. But as soon as they reappear I will write their names.
Forum I transferred in February with vBulletin 4.2.5 could there be when importing errors that are currently affecting the creation of temporary files? It may be worth re-migrating the forum using import XF to XF?

Maybe at the time the site map is created, a certain power-consuming process is included on the schedule and interrupts the creation of the site map, after which a temporary file is created and the creation of the card is interrupted? Then the process is repeated anew?
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Since There are no answers from the developers, I will publish my decision.
It is necessary to change the duration of the script from 30 seconds to 60. After the change, the site map, already 2 months old, has time to be created and no duplicates appear without compression.

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