Strage behavior from Bing spider while crawling XenForo threads?


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Has anyone noticed some strange behavior with the Bing spider and XenForo?

While reviewing my server's error log, I noticed a high volume of requests to a wide range of file paths (images, in particular) that never would have existed. For example, it's requesting URLs like this:


As best I can tell, it appears the threads do have a reference to an external image file named imagename.jpg in the post somewhere, and the ones I have found are broken image proxy links. However, they are never referenced by that image path, which is what makes this so weird and seemingly impossible for me to fix on my own.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior from Bing search bots? Is this a Bing bug, or is something specific to my site causing this behavior?

It's not a huge deal but this is really clogging up my error logs and makes it difficult to look for any actual problems.
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