Stopping Document Downloads

Hi all,

I am a little stumped with something.

I have a forum section with couple of link documents. I want it to be that someone must be registered before they can download from the links, but I can't for the life of me see where to set such a thing.

Any advice is appreciated.



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If you have added them as attachments you can limit to who can view attachments via group permissions, if it's just links and you want to restrict only registered members from seeing the links you will need an add-on. I'm aware of only one add-on that does that, but have no idea if it supports the current version of XenForo or if the author still supports the add-on, you can also view to search for an add-on that hides links from unregistered users.
OMG - I thought that I had replied to this CapnLuffy, and just saw that I didn't - my brain is fried! I made the documents attachments as you suggested, worked just as I wanted.

Thanks very much, and again, apologies for the tardy reply.