XF 2.2 Stop sending emails to users with invalid email addresses (bounces)


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What the title says.

I have set up bounce handing, and I think it's correct (how do I test it?).
Bounced emails are trouble. Xenforo must stop sending emails (threads, forum subscriptions) to users that have no valid email address.

XF already does that.

Do you have evidence that emails are being sent to accounts which have a state of 'Email invalid (bounced)' ?
Hi, no. I will monitor this and report.

However, the bouce@ email address that we have specified on Xenforo to be used for bounce handling is empty.

For what it's worth, we used to use our own SMTP server and we have now switched to Sendgrid.

But it has zero (0) emails which i find a bit odd.

What does this mean?


Regarding this, now that we use Sendgrid, I can enabled their feature to automatically send all bounces to our bounce@ email address.
Indeed, I can see bounced emails now.

However, Xenforo does not seem to handle them. Users with invalid email addresess have not switched to "Email invalid (bounced)" state.

What can I do to figure out if my configuration is wrong or not?
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