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Bill Arf

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Stop IP Logs - This add-on helps you to stop IP logs of user activities in your forum.

Stop IP Logs

That add-on allows you to stop logging user IP address, when user login, start conversation, adding attachments etc..
You can't keep track of user IP address.

  • Stop logs without Cron
  • Not extending lot of Core
Also If you need more modifications, feel free to PM me.

  1. Upload the content of the upload-folder to your XenForo root directory.
  2. Head to ACP -> Add-Ons and...

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Bill Arf

This resource has been removed and is no longer available. The following reason was provided:
Add-ons removed by XenForo Limited for failing to comply with the Resource Standards. If you are using this add-on, please disable or uninstall it immediately.


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And what doesn it mean? Did you use some backdoors or smth else? 😀 What Standards XenForoLimited means?

Could mean a lot of things.

But the main reason the addons being deleted is the code quality was bad, and I am pretty sure the developer was banned before (Alex.D) and was operating under the Bill alias.