As designed Cannot find or tag members without IP logs


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If a user hasn't logged in for a long time such that their IP logs have been deleted by XF and their accounts are still valid, I can't find them in the find member search box, nor do they show up when they're tagged with the @ symbol. A user that was in this state recently logged in and now I can find and tag them again.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or by design. If by design, I think that this behaviour should be reconsidered, so I'll post a suggestion thread for it.
I see my thread has been moved to the as designed section. I have no idea of the rationale for this XF behaviour. Really leaves me scratching my head.

@beerForo thanks, I'll check those out. Had no problem tagging you. :p
@Chris D Would you please mind explaining to us all the rationale for this behaviour as I'm perplexed by it?
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