Stop a program from asking for the admin password every time it opens.

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Adam Howard

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Yes it does lol....Every single time I open it I have to enter the admin username and password.

Can not say I have ever run into that problem. And I had that game when it was originally paid only (and later when it was free to play as well).

Maybe worth asking about this on their support forum. :cautious:

Chris D

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Is the application set to always Run as Administrator?

Right click the shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Is "Always Run As Administrator" checked?
Well I can't do that now. I don't have SWTOR installed ATM. My computer got screwed so the tech guy at my school fixed it. Lost all my files. :( I'm going to install it when I get home. SWTOR is blocked at my school


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If a program was not per-se following the Microsoft certification process to be a Windows application, you'll usually get that prompt cause it requires admin privileges.
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