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Richard Price

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All feedback appreciated:

Some features:

1) Totally open finance discussion. No censoring of any kind (except illegal things/spam/doxxing of course). Everyone can participate, from the total beginners to the absolute pro.

2) Anonymous posting allowed.

3) Earn points for posting. Points can be used for special content, special features and even traded for cash.

4) You earn points based on people's likes, replies and even views. You earn points on your birthday, upon reading 100 posts, by having 100 likes on a post, etc.

5) Trending stocks/topics at the top, giving certain stocks "momentum."

6) Facebook/twitter integration.

7) Clear groupings of all sectors for the stock market + strong research features allow visitors to quickly find relevant information. Technology, Real Estate, SPY, etc.

8) Secret forum reserved to Premium members. Premium members also get fewer ads, more AgoraPoints per post, more customization options and more!

9) Monthly contests with extra points as reward

10) All this built on the super-responsive, intuitive and fast Xenforo 1.5