XF 2.2 still an issue with getting "brands" icons working in editor


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this is at least the third time reporting this, but we still suffer the issue so here goes....

considering the template no longer exists, as of xen 2.2 my patch fix no longer works and i have been unable to find a replacement fix.

the issue is if you try to make a brands icon a bbcode editor button.....the result will be a blank space basically.

you can try an easy test by making a button with the "neos" brand icon.....for example...

be nice to get a fix on this one way or other.

thank yous

Chris D

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Feel free to share what the previous customisations were and perhaps it can be figured out but it will likely not be a fix we make in the core.

To the best of my knowledge brand icons as editor buttons should just work.


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Brand icons work without issue as editor buttons.

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hmm well by looking at your example, perhaps it is a syntax issue.....in the past all i had to do was put the icon name.....for your example that would be "android" and the icons work......

currently, that is what im doing for every other button with fa icons.....and they work....

do you think its required to put fab fa- before for brands icons?




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oh snap...yeah thats it......by whatever logic.....adding the fab fa- works.....the others dont seem to need it but.....i guess thats a problem solved since ive got it working.......still think thats strange! haha but if you all dont wanna fix it ok i guess...


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thats a nice guide there.....its a long road to find it tho....i think the info should be directly in the admin cp where people need to know about it...

like under the input box or such...