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I don't know how you are getting it displayed twice, but if you'd like to stick a thread to the top, make sure you have necessary permissions (Stick / unstick thread) and then it'll be available via the Thread Tools (inside the thread) or the quick moderation menu when viewing the forum list (checkboxes next to the name).


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Hi King Kovifor,

Image above by editing the html from D

I want all sticky threads:
1. Show above topic list (default)
2. Show topic list

I do not use good English should not explained well my idea


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Also not possible without an add-on or code edit.

If you are comfortable with a code edit (will need reapplied every updated), find the following line of code in library/XenForo/ControllerPublic/Forum.php and remove it:
            $threadFetchConditions += array('sticky' => 0);
(line 219 in 1.1.4 -- in function _getForumFetchOptions())