Duplicate Sticky Keep Order Posted.


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There is addon paid and directions for edits, to keep stickies in order.
In my head a sticky should stay stuck, by default and options to move it should be addons.

Its very odd that a sticky while will stay somewhere near the top loses its order if posted the only way to keep it there is lock and never use it again.

I am asking that this be added, to keep stickies stuck. Seems there is a needs as there is paid addons and edits shown on the site. Problem is using what is available now each upgrade of XF would require redoing this over and over when in reality a sticky should stay put unless move is desired not the other way around.

My two cents .


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Great , looks like it didn't make the last years edits yet :) . I did a Sticky search before I posted it . Hmm sorry for re-posting
but didnt find the first thread you addressed. You can remove this thread if you like.