XF 2.1 Sticky header


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Hey guys,

I created a custom skin and have a few issues with the sticky header.

1) When I open a post directly via its URL (e.g. https://finexes.com/threads/opera-gx-webbrowser-fuer-gamer.14662/#post-45619), the page jumps down to the post. Unfortunately, my header has a height of 120px (XenForo's default header has only a height of about 37px), therefore jumps too far and overlaps part of the post. I would need to adjust the offset to the top of the page, how can I do that?

2) There is also a problem with content that is loaded after the page is rendered. Assume I am viewing my profile page and switching to the tab "Latest activity", new content is loaded and that extends the page's initial height. When I scroll down now, my header jumps to the bottom of the page. This does not happen with XenForo's default style. Can anyone point me in the right direction, how to fix this?

Thanks for your help!