Status tokens error

One of our members is having the following error when posting on a specific forum:

The field 'status_tokens' was not recognized.

Any idea on why?
It might be related to [8wayrun]Xenatendo because i have that forum selected as an event forum... I as a superadmin can post events or post a new thread, however another person that i have as an administrator can only post events (to the calendar) but not a new thread in the events forum.

Chris D

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status_tokens or social_tokens?

social_tokens is likely to be one of my add-ons.

You should list your installed add-ons.

Chris D

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Can you post the exact error? It's pretty difficult to guess which add-on is causing it without the full Stack Trace error. Should be in Tools > Server Error Log.

Chris D

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Hmm, status tokens is from the old version of my Social Connect add-on.

I knew it sounded familiar :rolleyes:

I think it should be just as simple as dropping this column from the database.

Think it should be in the xf_user table
Should i upgrade to the newer version? I'm like if it aint broke don't fix it...and was working fine since i purchased it.

Thanks for the help

Chris D

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You're using Social Connect which is fine... but before that there was an older version called Social Status Updater.

That had the status_tokens column.

You seem to have uninstalled that, but it doesn't seem to have removed that database column... So it might require manual intervention.
I don't remember ever having the social connect updater, the first add on i purchased was the social connect bundle :)

I'm a noob but i follow instructions well... any chance you can guide me how to remove such a column? its not urgent...

Thank you again.

Chris D

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If you didn't have the old version before Social Connect then why that error o_O

Hmm, ok, would you mind updating to the latest version 2.2b?

If that doesn't resolve the issue, let me know and I'll see what else we need to do to fix it :)


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Theres a problem too on my setup.
after i use xf 1.1.4 and upgraded to socialconnect 2.2b

this is the error:

Then i disable Socialconnect and i can post.
but if i enable socialconnect back, it wont post and it gives the above error


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Contact the add-on developer.
offtopic, welcome back brogan!

Here's the fix. Replace library/SocialConnect/DataWriter/Discussion/Thread.php with the attached file.
Will you have a new version number?
so that ill just use the upgrade mod :)

also when will the latest version coming?
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Chris D

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No, this is just a quick fix. Please just upload and replace that single file.

The latest version will be ready in the next few weeks.

Posts to Facebook get whatever meta data is included by default in XenForo. It's the same if you use the Facebook Recommend/Like button in the "Share This Page" section.